1. S

    Question How Best to organise different data?

    Hi all, I am about to create an application to playback recorded data. The data is held in zip files, each with a text file for serial data (wind speed and direction, position etc), there will be multiple PNG files for screen captures and also up to 10 WAV files for sound recording. I have...
  2. Si24

    Question Retrieving and displaying images on a website

    I'v been having a bit of issues being able to retrieve my images that have been saved to a mysql database. I have managed to save them but I need to know how to display them as soon as it was saved to the database so that the user knows when it was saved. Here is my code so far : This...
  3. A

    images from scanner,camera?

    How to acquire images from scanner,camera (or another TWAIN or WIA compatible device) then scanned file save to designate folder or file name
  4. VBobCat

    Question How to prevent WebBrowser control from downloading images?

    Is there a way to set WebBrowser control not to download images while rendering HTML documents? That would help to speed up automation. Thank you very much!
  5. N

    Resize images in a doc file

    Hello, I would like to resize all the images in a doc file. The images are all small and I need to make them as big as the A4 paper. Thus, one image per page. Any help how to get me started? I have no clue. See attached pictures to understand better what I would like to do Thank you in...
  6. jimirayyng

    Treeview control Images

    Hi, Can anyone help please ?? I am trying to insert spaces between Images and check boxes on a treeview node, in a windows form app i.e. checkbox (spaces) image (spaces) node text rather than default format checkbox Image node text Thanks :peaceful:
  7. N

    Question Coordinates for 2D game

    Hi! I'm making a 2D game where i need a coordinate system to move the player, and i have no idea how to do it. The system needs this requirements: 1. clickable coordinates, so when i click a coordinate, i will have a picture move to that specific coordinate. 2. Different images for different...
  8. D

    Twain support for robust .NET applications

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Data Techniques, Inc. Release ImageMan.Net Twain V3 Twain support for robust .NET applications Burnsville, NC, January 31 2011, Data Techniques, Inc., a leading developer of imaging and facsimile development tools, today released Version 3.0 of their ImageMan.Net Twain...
  9. Neodynamic

    How to print images, pictures, texts and high quality barcodes using VB.NET

    Prerequisites - Neodynamic Barcode Professional 6.0 for Windows Forms (WinControl) - Microsoft .NET Framework (any version) - Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (any version) or Microsoft Visual Basic Express or Visual C# Express Editions In this guide you will learn how to print images or...
  10. B

    Question Sending an e-mail with images as linked resources

    I am trying to send an e-mail via a CLR stored procedure in VB.NET. I have managed to send the HTML body, however I have had trouble with the embedded images. The images are stored in the SQL Server as nvarchar in an ASCII format. I stored them through code in the DB in the base MS Access...
  11. Mike3788


  12. W

    PictureBox control and Windows themes

    I have a form with a PictureBox control. The image displays correctly under the Windows Classic theme. The image displays incorrectly under the Windows XP theme. The Windows XP theme appears to change white pixels to the "Control" color. This behavior happens whether the image is gif, jpg, or...
  13. Neodynamic

    How to build an interactive Image Cropper with Javascript, ImageDraw and ASP.NET

    This ImageDraw demo demonstrates how easily you can use ImageDraw, Javascript and ASP.NET Framework to design an interactive UI Image Cropper. The following figure is a screenshot of the ASP.NET Image Cropper application that leverages Javascript and ASP.NET for input user interaction and...
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