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    Question Programmatically populate an ImageList collection with all images in folder

    Hi All, I am new to the forum and also a person who is legally blind, meaning it is difficult to read huge volumes of text, but am hopeful I can get answers here. My issue is this: I am writing a WIndows Forms Application (.NET 4.5) and have a Form with the following controls: _ Form1 _...
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    Question ListView Items' Transparency Problem

    Hi .Net folks I have a ListView with a background image on my Form, which is related to an ImageList to show up pictures that exist in a folder as thumbnails. Everything works fine and ListView shows up thumbnails correctly. But when I try to use TransparentColor property of ImageList to remove...
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    Image losing PropertyItems when adding to ImageList

    I'm stumped... As soon as an Image with PropertyItems is put into the ImageList, it appears to lose that data. Anyone know why this is happening and how to resolve it? ' il is of type ImageList; img is of type Image. MsgBox(img.PropertyItems.Length) ' Length = 68 il.Images.Add(img)...