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    Open Mail[Hotmail] w/Webbrowser Control

    Yes, I'm making a program that signs into Hotmail and auto reads all the messages. I just can't figure out how to invoke, click to open the first message. I am using the Webbrowser Control which I know is so flexible if you know what your doing. I do see that the whole inbox is in a table so i...
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    WebBrowser SendMessage Key.Return?

    Hello Everyone, I cannot seem to successfully send the Enter key to a webbrowser control using vb.net. I can succesfully send postmessage Tab key and it tabs through the links and controls, but it does not click on the link when I send Enter key. Here is why I want to use this technique...
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    Question web browser control: How to programatically access html code

    I'm using vb.net and the web browser control on a win form application where I have a dynamically created 'parent' html page that contains an 'iframe' that points to another dynamically created html page. Get it? Now, the exact reason why I'm doing this isn't the issue, but I'm trying to...