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    Question Retrieving ID3 (Tag) info from an MP4 file

    Hi, I have been puzzling over this for a while. I've searched Google and found several projects for getting MP3 tags and WMA, but no MP4. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks -Josh
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    reading mp3 ID3 tag, how to delete file after reading from it, says locked in process

    Hello. I am loading all the .mp3's in a folder using Dim fileArray() = di.GetFiles("*.mp3") I loop through all the files and read the ID3tags. My intention is to rename the mp3 file name using the ID3 tag. I was having issues doing this, so what I do is create a copy of the mp3 and then rename...
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    Question How to erase or write ID3v2 tags to MP3s

    Hi. I know some people have asked similar questions before on this forum, but none of those threads seem to address the problem I'm having. I already have code to read ID3v1 and v2 tags. That's not the problem. I open an IOStream, locate the ID3v2 header and pull the bytes out. Handling unicode...
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