1. C

    Rebuilding Icon Cache?

    How do you call up a function to rebuild the icon cache in VB.Net, thanks.
  2. G

    Icon in Start - Programs - *Program name*

    After publishing and installing an application, I am struggling to get the icon in 'Start - Programs - *Program name*' to show as the same icon set in the main form. I have searched and looked everywhere in here, and its confusing. Am I missing something? I have another install that does this...
  3. Adagio

    Question Load icon from file

    I have now tried many different codes found all over the web, but so far I haven't had much luck :( I need to load the icon from a file, any file (including shortcuts) in as high quality as possible (it's ok if the code only works in Vista/Windows 7) So far I have only been able to get low...