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    Question Sorting lists and inheritance

    I am trying to add sorting support to a series of related classes. Here is a simplified and generic version which should show how things are laid out. Class CItem Class CSpecific1 inherits CItem Class CSpecific2 inherits CItem Class CSpecific3 inherits CSpecific1 ... (several more like this)...
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    Sort CSV file by a specified column

    Hi there I have a CSV file that i want to sort by the second column of data... i.e. COLUMN 1,COLUMN 2,COLUMN 3,COLUMN 4 1234,54689,55489,The fox 5554,4568,59823,Brush 0578,XYZ,PQRS,12364 I want to be able to write a function that can sort on any one of these columns depending on the index i...
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    Question Issues with sorting a Generic Collection

    We use a custom collection derived from CollectionBase to store our Business objects Public Class BECollection(Of t As AbstractEntity) Inherits CollectionBase AbstractEntity is the class all our Business entity classes originate from. Things are looking good, except for some issues we are...