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  1. T

    Change backcolor, forecolor and font on Tabs of a TabPage control?

    Hello All, I have a Form (MissionFrm) which contains a TabControl with a collection of 10 TabPages. I have labeled the Text of each TabPage accordingly such as "Mission Info" for TabPage0 for example. When I use the I am trying to change the BackColor, ForeColor and Font of each of the 10...
  2. T

    read-write to USB devices (e.g. GPS, other devices with USB.. etcc)

    Hello All, So, how does someone go about reading and writing to devices (to be clear, hardware devices) with USB hardware interfaces? For example: If I want to read NMEA data from my Garmin GPS (yes, I know about setting the Garmin to NMEA TXT OUT), but in general, how do I read and write to...
  3. stianxxs

    Tip How to get favicon in tabbed webbrowser. Tutorial

    Hi, many of you are may working on some sort of project with web browser related settings or information, so to day I'm gonna demonstrate how to get favicon in a tabbed web browser! It's is actually quite simple. But I've been searching for this "How to get favicon in web browser" and i found...
  4. S

    Question Visual Basic: How to print the text from a list box

    i have made a basic program for college which makes a calculation and diplays the information in a listbox, how do i then print that text? :D really appreciate any help