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    Question Menustrip item

    How to play audio while menustrip submenu item highlighted (without using mouse hover)? TQ
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    Question Export Datagrid and keep format to Excel

    Hello. I have designed a Win Forms App that imports a CSV file into a datagrid and then highlights rows and cells based on certain criteria. My goal is to export the datagrid to an excel file after highlighting the rows or cells, but I'm having a problem keeping the format of the datagrid...
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    Printing Panel

    Hi All, I have been developing a app that uses a panel control that displays a scanned tiff file. I then can add controls to the panel that are transparent and highlight the document and also add controls to the panel that act as 'PostIt' notes. I now want to be able to print the document that...
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    Remove the highlighting from combobox when selected

    Hi, There's probably some easy way to do this but it's driving me mad... I have a form with a combo box that is populated from a database. When I set the text of the combo box to the value in the db .Uc_address1.cmb_country.SelectedText = C_User.country the combobox remains highlighted, and...