1. open eXpressions

    Question QColorPicker Control

    Hi All! I'm new here, and I am trying to use the control below: The QIOS Community • View topic - Qios.DevSuite.ColorPicker (V2) I used the code they provided, but it does not work. I have a QColorPicker that I would like to select the color and be able to put the hex code as a string into a...
  2. O

    Question Reading a text from a binary file, changing and saving.

    Hi, I'm new to VB and trying to figure out how I can replace a bit of descriptive text in a binary file. I presume its binary as I cant open it with anything but a hex editor. I've changed the text (file description) in the hex editor and saved it fine but I'm unsure how I go about saving just...
  3. Vermiculus

    Question Char->Hex Code

    {HISTORY} I am making a basic utility for Native C++ using the .NET framework (hehehe). The idea is to make a window with all the non-standard characters in buttons and have those buttons insert their characters, etc. That's all working perfectly, but C++ needs a hex code or something similar...