1. C

    Save Picturebox1 + button1 as image?

    Hey guys, i am making a button maker to learn about img formats i already got down the part of saving the picturebox, but is there any way to save the button with imagebox as a picture?
  2. B

    create currency converter?

    hello, Hello, I am a new user. Never worked with VB before. I wanne make a windows form application. Its a currency converter that can convert EUROS to belgium franks,german marks and the coins off Nederland. it has to be possibel to round the result to zero decimal. I already made...
  3. P

    Question Hotkeys outside form

    Hey, I want to know how to use hotkeys outside my form, but I am terible in searching online, and I only find how to declare them, but not how to use them. Someone here wants to help me out? PidgeyL ps: even when the for is invisible and not selected, the hotkeys should work.
  4. S

    Question Please can someone help me build a pretty simple program

    Hi there, just annother newb asking for help. I have created a system for my college workshop. the idea is to borrow the tools durin the lesson you need to sign them out. Obv to prevent people pocketing expensive equipment and tools. I have built a webpage version at...
  5. S

    Question Visual Basic: How to print the text from a list box

    i have made a basic program for college which makes a calculation and diplays the information in a listbox, how do i then print that text? :D really appreciate any help
  6. A

    Question add button in code?

    I'm working on a project that will create new windows components. (If this is possible). I have made a button that creates new forms when clicked in the MDI container. Now I'm just wondering if someone can figure out a code to make it so when I click a button it creates a new button on the...
  7. Daniel_Upton

    Question Formatting?

    Hi, I am currently developing an application which generates scientific values and places them into a textbox.. For most of my textboxes this: txtBox1.Text = Format(value1, "0.00") Works perfectly.. But for one of them i need to format the number in this: 1.48 * 10(with a 5 in super script...
  8. A

    ask the user to input?

    For my visual Basic class i have to write a console application in VB 2005. The program is supposed to repeatedly ask the user to input a random number until the user enters -1 at which point the program will display the Highest Number and Lowest Number entered by the user. I've been working...
  9. B

    Question Cannot open vb projects?!

    Hello, I have installed VB2008 and have created a noobish calculator project and saved it. Now when I click "open project", and choose it, the project window does not appear. :confused: How do I fix this? I have already tried reinstalling, but it must have saved the settings somewhere because...
  10. A

    Question How do I save Listbox items in a My.Settings code?

    So, I have created this program and I want it to save the items that can be added into the list box with the My.Settings codes. (So every time I open the program the items will be there) Thanks so much! :) I really need help!
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