gridview rows

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    Question GridView CheckBox Enable & Checked

    Dear All, Greetings I am using VS 2010 ,, with SQL Server 2008 & Windows 7 I have a datagrid name as gvBusinessNature2 I want to Checked a CheckBox as well as show as disabled where a bound field is not ?NA? Can you pls help me Thanks <asp:GridView ID="gvBusinessNature2"...
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    Question Form to retrieve data from a stored procedure and then update from another one

    Hello all, Beginner question: I have a stored procedure to search for a data and another procedure to update the data using the results from the search. This is the Search Procedure: PROCEDURE BUSCAR_LOTE_GESTION(P_NUM_TERM IN NUMERIC, P_FLECHA OUT t_cursor) AS...
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    comparing/validating gridview values among each other

    I have a gridview(editable). It may have more than 1 row with columns startdate and enddate. StartDate EndDate 4/4/09 6/6/09 (valid-existing row) 1/2/09 3/3/09 (valid-existing row) 7/7/09 9/9/09...