1. F

    Search function

    Hello to all. I am newbie here so I would like someone help me with my first project. I need to make a search in the grid view depending of multiple fields criteria. I have 4 ftexboxes: textbox1 textbox2, textbox3 and textbox4. I have one gridview with data from access database. This is ok...
  2. Ramon.Robben

    Grid Drawing - I dont know what i have to do now.

    So i am trying to make a tetris bot so far i have made it so you can select the play field. But now i dont know what to do next. i have read that i need to visualize the blocks + playing field so the computer know where the gaps are or where the blocks are. but i dont realy know how to do that...
  3. B

    Problems with conversion datagrid to excel

    Hi ! I have a problem with conversion from a grid to excel ,i hope that someone con help me... El grid has: 0.733333 120.000 20007.047 9365.221 170.263 9305.221 170.219 9425.221 170.667 0.090 0.600 6.731220 50.000 9292.373 9562.563 171.592 9537.563 171.423 9587.563 171.894 0.034 0.538...
  4. M

    Question How to use multidimensional arrays

    Hey again guys! I've been working on an Ice Puzzle: you're a character (e.g. '*') in a grid (2D array) and you can move using the arrow keys - when you move, you keep going in that direction until you hit a surface. The aim is to pick up a key, which progresses you to the next level. There are...
  5. R

    Question Get data from DataGrid to Textbox

    I was wondering how you would make a code so that what I write in a Datagrid would come out on a textbox with help of a button. Basicly I write 250 in the Datagrid, and when I press the button, 250 comes out on the Textbox wich is on the same form. I have been trying to find out how to do this...
  6. J

    Question Data loading FROM the grid

    hello everyone, Okay so I have a grid loaded with data. What I wanna do is when you double click on the row header, the data in that row should load into a form with textboxes. I've chosen the RowHeaderMouseDoubleClick as the evnt for this but dunno how to start. a little help with some example...
  7. T

    problem updating datagridview

    I am newbie to and getting trouble in showing received data onto datagridview control.I m writing a program to receive data from serial device and to show it on datagridview. But I m able to show only 1st data next data is not updated on DGV. sample of my code is given below Try...