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    Question grid view

    how to display data in grid view using code that you can edit, update and delete the data... do i need to have a stored proc in this? thanks :)
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    Question Data loading FROM the grid

    hello everyone, Okay so I have a grid loaded with data. What I wanna do is when you double click on the row header, the data in that row should load into a form with textboxes. I've chosen the RowHeaderMouseDoubleClick as the evnt for this but dunno how to start. a little help with some example...
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    Question Maintain Grid View Checkbox while paging

    Hi, I am using Visual studios 2008 with VB as the code behind. I have checkboxes in my gridview and also paging. When I check a few items and then go to the next page and come back the checkboxes are unchecked. Is there anyway to keep the checkboxes checked while you area paging through the...
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