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    General TCP Listener Question

    I apologize in advance if I butcher this question or any portion of my description herein. I'm a noob and not sure exactly what I'm asking. I have an application that is basically a map that is fed a stream of x/y coordinates, which update as units move about in the field. When I fire up...
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    Help with drawing a simple street for a car game

    Hi, I'm doing an app like a car game. I need to paint over a vector of points connected forming a line. The paint is like a street. Here is an example: I have a red trace that is the sight for drawing a street on it. The origin of this red line is from GPS coordenates. Here is a picture of...
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    Image losing PropertyItems when adding to ImageList

    I'm stumped... As soon as an Image with PropertyItems is put into the ImageList, it appears to lose that data. Anyone know why this is happening and how to resolve it? ' il is of type ImageList; img is of type Image. MsgBox(img.PropertyItems.Length) ' Length = 68 il.Images.Add(img)...
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    Question GPS in EXIF ?

    Hi guys, only just signed up here because i have been pulling my hair out trying to find answers all of the internet but to no avail! As part of a project I am writing a program to be able to add GPS information to jpg pictures. For example to add the latitude and longitude to a photo. So far...
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    Using PC time

    I am building a program to gather information from a serial device. we will use an external GPS device keep the PC's time, then use the system time at precise intervals to send commands to the serial device. The timer control is not ok because we need to fire the commands at precise intervals...