1. S

    Tip SMTP Email Client Code example for GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL.

    Hey! Just wanted to share my SMTP email client for gmail, hotmail, aol and yahoo mail. I have commented the code so this is great for learning purposes. Some features i have added to the application: * Send emails thru GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. * Very basic validation for textboxes and...
  2. DanHamilton

    Problem sending attachment to MMS

    I have a simple form that sends email with attachment (small gif, about 5k) through to a cellphone MMS address ( If I log in to Gmail and send the message and attachment manually, it comes through fine. But if I send the message and attachment from my...
  3. Y

    Question Missing Paper clip icon in gmail

    Hi, I dont know if someone had encountered this problem. I used the code below to send email with a google account. I can send the email with attachment but a minor problem for recipient using gmail. I notice that the paper clip image or icon on the right side of the the gmail inbox list is...