1. 1

    Question Use Ctrl + T to globaly open a specific form?

    Hey, I am making a somewhat relaxing non-linear game based around an evolving operating system (not a real one) called ShiftOS. Just so you understand the general gist of how the game works here is some info which you are free to skip: "A mysterious hacker named "DevX" hijacks your computer...
  2. Mixen Dixon

    Question Global CBT Hook

    I've been looking around for a way to get a global CBT hook in my application, and I found that it is impossible in managed code. It appeared that the only way to do it in VB.NET was to get a DLL written in something like C++. Now, I am NOT a C++ programmer by any means, so I don't feel...
  3. U

    Question Global array problem

    Hi, I am developing a piece of software using VB.NET which allows teachers to test and monitor their students progress. The problem I am facing is that I am using a Module to hold the questions array variable: Friend Questions() As String When I attempt to apply a value to each of the array...
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