1. N

    Question Defining a Generic Extension Method

    I am trying to write an Extension Method for IEnumerable(Of T). I will be using reflection on the Type T in the Extension Method to get a list of it's properties so that I can create an Anonymous Type that will include all those properties. I have written Extension Methods before, but never a...
  2. W

    Question Issues with sorting a Generic Collection

    We use a custom collection derived from CollectionBase to store our Business objects Public Class BECollection(Of t As AbstractEntity) Inherits CollectionBase AbstractEntity is the class all our Business entity classes originate from. Things are looking good, except for some issues we are...
  3. kkemerait

    Identifying Generic Types

    Is there an alternative way to identify within a generic method the type that was passed in (of T) without having to create a bogus object and check typename? Public Shared Function Create(Of T)() As iManager(Of T) Dim BogusVar as T -- don't want to do it this way if possible to avoid...