1. P

    Return rows from sqlite query function

    I used to be fairly proficient with vb and c# but haven't used either of them in 10 or twenty years. I have a need to use sqlite in (vs2015) but I simply cannot remember (or find out) how to have a generic function read the database and return a result containing multiple rows. Supplying...
  2. CraftMuch

    Answered Best way to compare a string format?

    Say I have a string format "people(<no.people>)" and I want to compare another string "people(5)". If the string fits the format it will return true, otherwise it will return false. "people(5)" will return true "people(5243)" will return true "people(5)5" will return false "people" will return...
  3. G

    Question PrintPage: DrawString from Function. How to create Graphics from Function?

    Hi! I'm using a PrintDocument to create a report and I need to create a line from a function. I'm doing this: Private Sub Crate_String(ByVal Str As String) Dim gr As Graphics gr.DrawString(str, Font, Brushes.Black, x, y) end sub But give error with the graphics object: It says to use the...
  4. droidman

    need some help multithreading a function

    hi, i need to create multiple threads to improve a function on my program. it is a simple thing really but it's slow and if multithreaded it can improve the speed some thousand times. my program uses a dll to check the MX record of an e-mail from a textbox called emails if the mx record is...
  5. poncianux

    Question [Public Sub / Public Function] equals [Sub / Function] declaring a function or sub?

    Like the title, I want to know what implies to declare a function or a sub using public or directly Sub / Function i.e.: Public Function Whatever() ' Process End Function versus. Function Whatever() ' Process End Function Thanks.!
  6. J

    Question use a dynamic input box and button to call a function

    Hi, I have been trying to figure out a way to make this happen for a while but not having much luck with searches and trial and error. My goal is to create a message board where users can comment on a post without leaving the main page. I am basically creating all the html code to display the...
  7. G

    Question Convert argument function in hastable

    Hi all, I try to convert names and values parameters of function into a hashtable. For name of parameter, it's ok, but not for value. In myhash, I would have: key / value param1 / value1 param2 / value2 There is a property to get default value of parameter (if optional) with...
  8. A

    Directly and dynamically assigning values to an array

    I am trying to figure out how to assign a 1-dimensional array value I get from a function directly into an element in a 2-dimensional array. An example would be Dim Results(7)() as Double Results(0) = myFunction() ' returns an array with 5 doubles What is the correct syntax for this, if any...
  9. E

    Listing .rar-files, simple question

    Hi I'm having a problem when I list .rar-files into a ListBox. I can list .rar-files OK from subdirectories, but I need help when I want to determine if the file is actually the first part of .rar-archive. The new .rar-format packs files like: Archive.part01.rar Archive.part02.rar...
  10. J

    Question Setting up dataset in vb code and querying dataset

    I have a table (tblSpanishVerbs) of spanish verbs and need a function to return the corresponding English verb after passing the Spanish verb. For example, from below i want to pass the verb "comer" and return the verb "eat". I am using Visual Studio Express 2008 and have imported a SQL Server...