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    Question Download last modified file from FTP server

    Hello all, I am a vb.net newbie and I am trying to write a code that when executed pulls the latest file on an FTP server (based on creation date). So far, I've been able to list all the files in the remote directory. I know this can be done using regular expressions but unfortunately, I have...
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    Question FTP download zip files are corrupted

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me on this? Following code corrupts zip files, found out to do it with a FILESTREAM in stead of a stream writer bit i can not figure out how to do it. Dim Request As FtpWebRequest Dim Response As FtpWebResponse Dim Writer As StreamWriter...
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    Question FtpWebRequest

    Hi, I have a small FTP class, written in VB.NET 2.0, which keeps polling for a particular file at a remote location, at 2 minute intervals, till it successfully downloads the file, and then it stops. So far I had been using wget as an external process, and recently I have switched to using the...
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