1. J Trahair

    Speed of upload of a file to an ftp area - why slower than a manual upload?

    Hi all. I have a general query regarding uploading a file from within a VB.net program to an ftp area. On my computer, in a VB.net project I am developing, any file is uploaded quickly to a private ftp area to which the program has access. One of my customers has the same application and tried...
  2. D

    Question Download last modified file from FTP server

    Hello all, I am a vb.net newbie and I am trying to write a code that when executed pulls the latest file on an FTP server (based on creation date). So far, I've been able to list all the files in the remote directory. I know this can be done using regular expressions but unfortunately, I have...
  3. D

    Question Download FTP folder recursively (in order to download sub-folders)

    Hello everyone. I humbly seek your help on downloading an entire folder and sub-directories from FTP. I have snippet that helps download a single file or folder but not sub-directories of the folder. It uses the FTP-Client DLL. Can anyone kindly review this snippet and add-up the code for...
  4. liey87

    Question FTP Downloaded file corrupt

    I want to download all file that located on FTP site. I break into 2 operations. First is to get the list of all files in the directory. Then I proceed to second which download each file. But unfortunately, the downloaded file is corrupt. Worst over, it affect the file on FTP folder. Both...
  5. S

    Question Deleting a file from an FTP site (am I doing it correctly)

    Hi, I currently have the following portion of code below, which deletes a file "solarradiationchart.png" from an FTP site, from within my program. But a couple of users are having problems with my program which I think I have pinpointed to this portion of code, as the other code that runs...
  6. C

    Question Check date modified of multiple files on FTP

    Hi, i'm new to these forums so sorry if i'm posting in the wrong section. I am attempting to open a folder in FTP, and check the date modified of ALL files in that folder. I then want to compare that to the date modified of files on my computer. Is there any way I can do this? I figured out...
  7. N

    FTP download of file with '#' in filename

    Hello everyone I am using ftpwebrequest to download files from an FTP site. It works perfectly till the point it encounters a file with # in its file name. Then it gives the error "The remote server returned an error: (550) File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access)." The files that I am...
  8. T

    Question FTP File Delete

    I'm creating a login checker using FTP Upload on Login, FTP deletion on logout, I got Upload to work, And I addressed the ftp name & the file but still it won't delete the file. Please tell me the code, as I plan to release the app soon.
  9. S

    How to FTP multiple files from local machine to FTP site?

    Hi, I currently have a part of my program that uploads an image file MainChart.png from a set location (locally) to a set remote location(on the ftp server). What I would now like to do is be able to upload more than one file at the same time. What I am currently doing is repeating the same...
  10. J

    Answered Copying an entire directory to an FTP server

    Hi,Does anyone here know of a way to copy an entire directory (with sub-folders and files) to an FTP server? The WebClient and FTPWebRequest classes didn't seem to work, is there another way or am I missing something?Thanks-Josh
  11. qwe2

    Question FTP upload problem

    Hi! I have some problems with the following code. I'm kinda new in programming. I would like to do that i connect to a FTP server on Form load event and when i'm connected i want to upload a file overwriting the previous one. The code works perfect if i connect to the server each time before i...
  12. A

    Download Zip file from FTP and UnZip to local PC

    HI All, I am looking for some help in downloading latest Zip file from a FTP location and UnZIP it by saving to a particular location using VB.NET GipStream or some other method. I prefer not to use any 3rd party controls. All ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. M

    Ftp Control and Class Library

    hi, I just built a new ftp control and class library in vb.net 2008. It might be helpful for applications with ftp functionality. Link:http://www.zianole.info Looking for your comments. Thanks.
  14. driekwartappel

    Question UploadFileAsync : WebException was unhandled

    Hi On my windows application form I have these controls: ProgressBar1 (progressbar) lbl_message (label) btn_submit (button) btn_cancel (button) when the btn_submit is clicked, the progressbar is populated and a file is FTP'd to its destination. It is working fine, but sometimes when I...
  15. P

    Question how to send a file to remote computer?

    Hi I want to send a file to a server (remote system). For this I am using FTP. But it is taking much time even to check for the existence of a particular time. Its weird in case of uploading files. Can any body suggest a better procedure to upload files/ send files to remote computer...
  16. jpnoob

    FTP Plugin?

    I would like to know if there are any decent (and free) Visual Studio 2005 plugins for FTP. I know I can use Build > Publish Web Site, but that is PAINFULLY slow, I also know about Dispatch, but I don't want to spend thirty bucks just for FTP capabilities within VS Are there any others for VS...
  17. P

    How to send files from one computer to another computer?

    Hi I want to send files from a system to another system(specifically a server) using FTP. Can I do this with VB.NET? If yes, please suggest me the best procedure to do it. Actually I need to transfer the mail items from outlook to a remote system(server) which is connected to internet. I have...
  18. G

    Question Remote connection and what to do...

    Howdy, I'm new to the forums, and not entirely sure where to post this so please feel free to move it as you see fit. My issue is this: I'm a gamer... The game I play has servers that go down weekly for maintenance. I am working on a stand alone application that will, for lack of a better...
  19. H

    Question any idea how to get directory listing details over FTP?

    Hello All, I am retrieving files from an FTP server, but the directory contains more files than I want to bring over... I am currently able to get a list of the files avaliable and can easily create a list of files I have already downloaded, so grabbing any new files is not an issue - the...