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    Question Different framework version

    hello, for school I must make a project which can scan multiple choice question and correct them. I have a part with which I can scan a paper (twainlib.dll) and one with which i can get the answers through OCR(aspiriseOCR.dll). But my problem is getting the two parts together since they need...
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    Available .NET Web Developer - Pleasant Prairie, WI

    StartDate: IMMEDIATELY! EmployeeType: Contract to HIRE Duration:CONTRACT is 6 – 12 Mo. To PERMANENT PayRate: Contract Rate: $60 - $95/Hr. DOE& Permanent Rate (FTE) $70 -$95K WorkStatus: Green Card or US Citizen Highly Desirable H1BSponsorship is not available at this time. C2C isavailable for...
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    Available .NET Web Developer ~ Pleasant Prairie, WI

    Start Date: IMMEDIATELY! Employee Type: Contract to HIRE Hrs/Wk.: 40 Duration: CONTRACT is 6 – 12 Mo. To PERMANENT Pay Rate: Contract Rate: $60 - $95/Hr. DOE & Permanent Rate (FTE) $70 -$95K Work Status: Green Card or US Citizen Highly Desirable H1B Sponsorship is not available at...
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    Free Workshop on .NET Gotchas and Programming Solutions by Dr. Venkat Subramaniam

    Those of us programming on the .NET framework have come to realize the power and increased productivity that comes with it, says Dr. Venkat Submramaniam. Like any development, however, there are things that one should pay attention to while programming on .NET. Are there things in .NET that, if...
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    Question How to make an Installer?

    I have made my program which i want to distribute, how can i make an installation package for it? I know there are third party software i can use to do this, but is there anything in the VB framework that i can use to install it?
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    Question Stopwatch Class NET Framework 3.5

    I have question regarding Stopwatch Class. Is there an easy way to display more than 59 minutes on stopwatch? Here is my code: Private Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick Dim strMinutes As String Dim strSeconds As...