1. D

    converting and formatting datetime

    Hi, I am very new to programming in visual basic. I'm working on an page and I have a value I'm pulling from a sqlserver database named "LastUpdatedDate" this is coming over as a string which I'm then trying to put into a datetime format so I can run a search for that same time in...
  2. X

    Question Formatting numbers for DataGridView

    I am trying to format a DataGridView column to show values formatted as follows: 100.222 => 100.22 0 => 22 => 22.00 3123 => 3,123.00 I can't seem to achieve this with any formatting string. The (#) is great because if the number is 0, it doesn't show...
  3. Daniel_Upton

    Question Formatting?

    Hi, I am currently developing an application which generates scientific values and places them into a textbox.. For most of my textboxes this: txtBox1.Text = Format(value1, "0.00") Works perfectly.. But for one of them i need to format the number in this: 1.48 * 10(with a 5 in super script...
  4. A

    Question Printing a GridView control with formatting intact

    Hi all, I've got a gridview control on an asp web page which I format dynamically using VB to assign Red/Amber/Green based on the values in each cell of the grid. On rendering, this creates a nicely formatted table with HTML tags assigning colours to each cell. e.g. ...</tr><tr...