for loop

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    Insert Multiple row to DataGrid from populated unbound combobox

    hi there, im trying to insert multiple rows in a datagrid by item inside a combox heres my code For i = 1 To IndexTotalItems Dim row1() As String = {cb_series.Items(i)} Dim rows() As Object = {row1} Dim row As String() For Each row In...
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    Question Create a program that will display lucky 9 game.

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    Question For Loop to search and determain how many their are.

    Hello, I've just started getting into programming and I'm following a few tasks that have been set to learn and understand VB.NET. What i'm working on is a lottery program i've done all the number generation with an array. Now i'm trying to find out how to search that array for lets say less...
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    InputBox to just accept numbers?

    I am in a class who has a prject due and I have a few questions to ask: 1) Is there a way to limit an InputBox to just accept numbers? 2) What control can I use to display 360 rows of data generated from a for loop?