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    Question Download FTP folder recursively (in order to download sub-folders)

    Hello everyone. I humbly seek your help on downloading an entire folder and sub-directories from FTP. I have snippet that helps download a single file or folder but not sub-directories of the folder. It uses the FTP-Client DLL. Can anyone kindly review this snippet and add-up the code for...
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    Question Directory/Folder/File Searching recursive?

    I am extremely new to programming and need some serious help. I took some VB classes in high school, some Java in college and have messed around with macros, that is my extent of previous knowledge. Long story short, I have an internship where the learning involved is mostly self taught. I've...
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    VS Explorer for Visual Studio released.

    VS Explorer adds a Windows Explorer-Like file and folder browsing window to Visual Studio. It provides complete access to file and folder context menus (including 3rd party extensions such as TortoiseSVN) and drag-drop functionality which allows directly adding files/folders to your projects. VS...
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    EZNamespaceExtensions.Net 2008 released

    Provide Windows Explorer integration to document management or similar software using namespace extensions developed with EZNamespaceExtensions.Net. Document management software, content management software, asset management software, virtual drives, database browsers and front-ends and protocol...