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    text box in Grid View footer row not giving correct text.

    Hi Guys, I am having a problem getting some text from a textbox inside the footerrow of a gridview if it is changed. I can get the actual text box using gridview1.footerrow.findcontrol("control name") but it gives me whatever value it was set to on load and not the changed text. Here is my...
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    Passing values between server controls

    I have created 2 server controls. The first creates a listbox and the intention is for the second control to pick up the value. My second control has: Dim myControl1 As New Control Get myControl1 = CType(FindControl("testListBox"), ListBox) 'myControl2 = myControl1.ID...
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    FindControl RangeValidator

    I have a RngeControl within a FormView within a Panel which FindControl does not seam to be able to find. The FormView is exposed just find and othe r controls on the FormView are found with the FindControl. Has anyone had a similar issue of not finding a RangeValidator with FindControl?:confused: