1. C

    List All *.exe In %TEMP%

    I have this code so far: dim textbox1 as new textbox textbox1.text = & "\*.exe" This works in scripts but its not working in, i googled but didnt find an answer can someone please help me?
  2. N

    Question Find Specific Text In Text File

    Hi! I have a little question about txt-files...This is the case: I am going to make a small software for editing particular parts in text files, so you don't have to do it by hand. In this program, i need to find several words in a text file and retrieve the text or number that is after the...
  3. J

    I keep losing Find/Change box

    Lost the Find and Change functions Not sure if this is the right forum, but . . . After using VB 2008 Express for many months, suddenly the Find (Cntl F) and change (Cntl H) functions no longer work. If I highlight a series of lines and press Cntl H, both the blue bar at the top of the page...
  4. goldengel

    How to work with predicate and .Find methode

    Hi. I have no chance to simple search a property in my property list by using the ".Title" of the property. Instead of using "For each > If .Title = SearchTitle" I prefer to do it with the Predicate and ".Find" methode. Can someone help me to find out, how to avoid using the local variable "...
  5. A

    How do you "Find" a substring in StringBuilder?

    Hi all, How do you Find a substring in StringBuilder? E.g., I want it to tell me if there is substring in a string, and if so, what's its position is. I can see a Replace member but not a Find member. Maybe there is some way of using the Replace op also as a Find op? TIA - avi
  6. Ja2984

    List Searched files in Checked List Box

    Hi i'm currently planning on developing a program that needs to do a wildcard find/search for files of all types (*.lst *.pdf *.tmt ...etc) based on user input. So e.g. User input = 12345 Display all files containing that number in the name: 2D12345.pdf TF12345.lst TF12345_1.tmt etc.. I...