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    Question Problem with sending Fax from Windows Service

    I am trying to send the fax from my windows service which is written in vb.net. I am facing problem with windows 7 and windows 2008 Server. It works fine with Windows XP Fax is not getting visible in fax console's outbox. I saw three files in "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows NT\MSFax\Queue"...
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    Question faxcomexlib, windows service, faxing... invalid printer name error?

    I have created a windows service to handle my the fax queue in my application. 1) By use of a timer, the service will query the database for any new faxes to be sent 2) A call to SSRS creates the fax and saves it locally as a TIFF file. 3) Then with the use of faxcomexlib, I open a connection to...