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    March 2013 Edition of Saaspose.Newsletter is Out Now

    Saaspose Newsletter for March 2013 has now been published that highlights all newly added information, exciting new features & informative blogs about Saaspose APIs & SDKs. This month Saaspose.Words, Saaspose.Pdf & Saaspose.OCR have introduced new features for extracting text from images...
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    Extract Text from Whole or Specific Block of Images in Doc PDF or TIFF

    What is new in this release? Saaspose.OCR is a REST API for optical character recognition and document scanning. Saaspose.OCR API also supports character recognition for multiple languages such as English, French and Spanish. The accuracy, high speed and ease of use make Saaspose.OCR the...
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    Get PDF File as Images & Extract Text from Images Using REST APIs

    Saaspose development team is very happy to announce the conversion of PDF file to images and recognize text using Saaspose APIs. A very important and interesting aspect of Saaspose APIs is that you can integrate multiple file format APIs to combine a variety of features and achieve the desired...
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    Select PDF Image & Extract Text from Image of PDF File in the Cloud

    What's New in this Release? </SPAN> PDF files are widely used among developers as these are easy to create and manipulate with maximum security. PDF files are portable and support interactive functions that make it more popular among different file formats. Now, there might be scenarios where...
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    Scan & Extract Text from Images in Web, Desktop & Mobile Applications

    What is new in this release?</SPAN> Saaspose development team is proud to announce the new release of Saaspose.OCR. This latest release of Saaspose.OCR allows users to extract text from images. There are two approaches used to extract text from images. Firstly, you can upload the desired file...