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    Copy Visual Basic 2010 project with SQL database to another computer

    I have a Visual Basic 2010 project with SQL database (2008 R2), detached from server. The db was not copied into the project. It resides in the SQL directory. I need to debug the app on this computer and another computer that has VB 2010 but SQL 2012. All are Express versions. When I copy the...
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    Question OleDbException was unhandled. No value given for one or more required parameters.

    Below is my log-in procedure coded in VB 2010 Express. I'm new to programming so this might be an easy solution for somebody. I've got this procedure in 3 forms, yet only 1 out of the 3 forms work. The code has been copy and pasted from the one form to the other, with the only change being the...
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    Windows.Forms namespace?

    Why I'm not able to see the System.Windows.Forms namespace using the visual basic .net express 2010. Anyone has encountered and hopefully solved this problem?
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    Question Debugging in 64 bit

    I have express running on vista. Unfortunately my version does not allow me to make modifications to the code while in debug mode. As I researched the issue, it seems that for full version (not the express version) one can set the compiler to 32 bit, which supposedly solves the problem...
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