1. R

    Question How to start exporting data to an excel file from a particular row of excel sheet?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to export the data to an excel file which has a template like this: I want the data to be inserted from the 3rd row without affecting first two rows same as here But in the actual output first row is being overwritten by column names and data is inserted from...
  2. R

    Question How to apply template on excel file exported using oledb ?

    Hi, I have exported data into excel file using oledb since I cannot use interop or any third party library. Here is my code ''' <summary> ''' Export datagridview's data contained in an data table to excel file ''' </summary> ''' <param name="dataTable">DataGridView's datatable</param> '''...
  3. V

    Question writing fixed length text file

    I am struggling to find a way to write text file with various fixed length fields from a dataset Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load Me.ExportTableAdapter.Fill(Me.NewDataSet.Export) 'write to text file Dim sw As New...
  4. S

    Calculating 1/2 hour averages

    Looking for some ideas on how to average my data by 1/2 increments. We've got a weather station and the data is written to a sql database every 2 minutes. I need to someone average the data by 1/2 hour increments. So, data between 3pm and 3:30pm need to be averaged for the 3:30pm time...
  5. S

    Question Export Datagrid and keep format to Excel

    Hello. I have designed a Win Forms App that imports a CSV file into a datagrid and then highlights rows and cells based on certain criteria. My goal is to export the datagrid to an excel file after highlighting the rows or cells, but I'm having a problem keeping the format of the datagrid...
  6. S

    Question Export Crystal Report to PDF file - causes CR Params Dialog Popup in CmdLineApp

    Command Line Project: Export crystal report to file in pdf/excel/word format & optionally email it. Command line args incl input parameters for the crystal report. VB6 being converted to VB.net using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. Creator has since left & I need to fix/edit the application...
  7. Vrushank

    Question Exporting registry keys...

    How do you export registry entries to a .reg file? I mean like giving the user the option to backup registry changes before continuing... :o Please tell me the EXACT syntax for the available commands since the ones I found on the internet were not precise... :mad