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    List All *.exe In %TEMP%

    I have this code so far: dim textbox1 as new textbox textbox1.text = system.io.path.gettemppath & "\*.exe" This works in scripts but its not working in vb.net, i googled but didnt find an answer can someone please help me?
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    Script to exe?

    Hey guys can anyone get me started on how to convert a script to an executable? also how do you generate exes in vb?:welcoming:
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    Having problems executing another executable from Visual Basic... Help!

    So, I'm trying to make a program that has command buttons, each running a different file. I have added some files so far, but I encountered a problem with a couple of them. For example, I want to run Zuma's Revenge! right from the program, but it is not working. If I run the game from outside...
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    Answered Class Library Reference Problems

    I'm trying to create a program with 1 exe project and 2 class library projects. When i add a reference to one of the class libraries, and access things from the main exe project, it works fine. In order to access items in the class library in the exe, i add a reference to the class library in...
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