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    Question Please can someone help me build a pretty simple program

    Hi there, just annother newb asking for help. I have created a system for my college workshop. the idea is to borrow the tools durin the lesson you need to sign them out. Obv to prevent people pocketing expensive equipment and tools. I have built a webpage version at...
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    Question deploy database - where is my path?

    guys, i am a newbie at vb.net i am using vb.net 2008, now i am having a big probLem about my Win-base appLication, i am trying to pubLish my project / make it an ".exe = executable" file, it is connected to an ACCESS DATABASE. The problem is that, after getting my application to a ".exe" form...
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    Question Adding .dlls and .exes to my installation

    In my project, I've made reference to a .dll file (which was compiled through visual studio, and is currently marked as a reference). Having added it as a reference, when I compile my program into a setup file, will it include the .dll. Secondly, I have run a process off an installed program on...
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    Difference between .Application and .Exe

    I'm new to deploying/publishing a vb.net app in an environment in which the app will run from a shared/server drive. When I publish, I get a .Application and an .EXE file. .Application - WILL NOT ACCEPT PARAMETERS .Exe - Accepts parameters, but seems like it requires the .Manifest and other...