exception handling

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    Question Exception Handling (very confused and needs help)

    I am a beginner in vb.net and i need help with exception handling. My program must include a Try, Catch, and Finally keywords and they must function correctly (i.e. if the user defines an impossible calculation, there must be an error message shown; if not, there must be some action to indicate...
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    Question Exception Handling has disappeared

    Installed Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, and everything was awesome for a couple of weeks until exception handling seems to have disappeared while running in debug mode. When an exception error occurs, the program's window closes, returning me to the code without a clue as to what the...
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    Check for Parameters from Query String

    Hi i have a page that displays an image based on the parameter value coming from the previous page. i want to restrict the user from manually manupulating the query string and user should not be able to view the page eg i have a page that should always have a URL as...