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    Lost by object and event listboxes in Code Editor!

    Hi All, Please can someone help... At the top of the code editor window, there is usually the object listbox on the left, and the events listbox on the right... Both of mine have disappeared! Does anyone know how to get these back? There must be a setting somewhere to make them visible...
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    Question Checkbox's event is acting strange

    Hi, Well, By saying it's acting strange I meant: I have 2 simple checkboxes cDeprecated and cOnHold. cOnHold cannot be set True if cDeprecated already are True. WHAT part is working great on all events (click, keypress and etc.). However the problem starts, when I try to check cOnHold to be...
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    Question Finding even numbers between two numbers

    i'm new to and i'm trying to get my course done for this class. My question is find the even numbers from 6 through 16. The thing is i'm working with events. How should i do this? i did a lot of research and i did find some code that might work but i'm not sure how it works and understand...
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    Event Handlers

    Hi, I have a panel control on a win form, to which I dynamically add a custom control. The custom control inherits UserControls and in the New() sub, I assign the control a GUID. When a control is added to the form, a variable of type List(Of T) holds the details of where i put the control and...
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    Question DataGridView Focus

    Hi All, i am using DataGridView for Data binding. it works fine. i wrote a coding retrieve current row's DATA when press enter key in DataGridView it works fine,but when i pressed enter key datagridview focus is move to next row, so that it will retrieve the latest focus data, but i want data...
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    Question vb6 handle .net com class events

    i have the ComClassSearchCustomers class and interface IComClassSearchCustomersat .net which used to create a tlb file. The class raise an event inside new. After that i have a vb6 form Form1 which catch the event , but it never see the event. Any ideas? Option Strict On Option Explicit On...
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    Question Accessing Events from Nested User Controls

    OK I really ought to know what the best approach for this is, but I'd rather get some expert input - What is the "BEST" way to access the methods and properties of nested user controls? For example, suppose you create a custom control (FirstControl) that has a label and a text box. You then...