1. D

    datagridview in tab control

    Hi, I have a vb form with 4 datagridviews within a tab control with 4 tabs, my questions is when should I populate the dgv's ? Should I place the code in the main form load event or when the user clicks on the specific tab? I am using vb.net 2010 and sql server 2008 Regards
  2. N

    Question Maintaining Data Between Button Clicks

    I should probably be kicked out of the development field for not knowing this, but I'll ask it anyway. I have a Form with multiple Buttons, all of which modify the same variable. However, each time the variable gets reset. Here is what my code looks like: Public Class frmTest Private myvar...
  3. D

    Event Handler Exists?

    I add an event handler in my code for a user control depending on the specific operation that is requested: AddHandler myEvent, Addressof Handle_MyEvent When the control is disposed of, I want to remove the event handler only if it was added in the first place using: If "the handler exists"...
  4. N

    Question Adding an event to a picturebox

    For Each pb As PictureBox In Me.Controls.OfType(Of PictureBox)().Except(New PictureBox() {PictureBox1, PictureBox2}) If PictureBox1.Bounds.IntersectsWith(pb.Bounds) Then MsgBox("ok") End If How can i add an event to the picturebox that intersects with...
  5. I

    Question My application does not detect scrolling mouse

    Hello guys, can anybody help with my problem. I made an application where i used mouse scrool event. On my PC everyting work excellent, but when I try it on different machine scrolling is not detected!? How is that possible?! i am using e.delta < 0 and e.delta > 0 Please help
  6. S

    Add Event to Get Name of Selected Field with New Charting Features

    <p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><strong>What’s new in this release?</strong></font></p> <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><a...
  7. Z

    Question Help Implementing Event from Interface

    I am having trouble implementing an Event from an Interface in a ClassLibrary. Here's the scenario: o I have 2 projects -- a ClassLibrary "CL1" and a Windows Application. The ClassLibrary: o Contains a Friend Interface "I1" and a Public Class "C1". o The Interface defines one Event "E1" and one...
  8. S

    Question Another Stopwatch Class (framework 3.5) question

    Is it possible to trigger event whenever seconds on stopwatch change (that means every second, but it has to be synchronized with seconds)? Thanks, sisquo76
  9. B

    Question Capture Listview Horizontal scroll event

    I need to know how to capture the horizontal scroll event of a listview. The project that I am working on has a listview and 6 textboxes that overlay row 0 of the listview. I'm using them to filter the contents of the columns. I have the Listview1_Resize and ListView1_ColumnWidthChanging events...
  10. A

    Convert PDF to Word document formats with Aspose.Recognition

    What’s new in this release? Aspose.Recognition for .NET has come out of Beta and its first commercial release has been announced supporting many new features. You can download Aspose.Recognition to evaluate improved performance of converting PDF files to Word document formats. More about...
  11. D

    Question Raise and handle events - how does it work?

    Hi My question is why the following doesn't work. Tracing it, it throws no errors, goes through the RaiseEvent but does not go through OnCellValueChanged; so I guess the event is raised but not heard. (It's a console application.) Thanks, David Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim...
  12. bandet ace

    Seting a timer to "setwindowontop" every 500 milliseconds

    I have the settings sat and it added ect,i just don't know the coding for it to set window on top every 500 milliseconds. Anyone help me with this?
  13. B

    Single event handler for multiple instances of one object

    Hello, is there a way to create a single event handler for multiple instances of one object? For example, I have a custom class "myObject" that contains one event that is fired through some user input. Then I create an array of objects: class myObject public event someEvent end class...