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  1. G

    Question Microsoft Word Event Handling - DocumentBeforeClose

    Hi I have an app, that generates a word 2007document via the PIA's and then displays the document (in Word) to the user, so they can edit it. I capture the Word_DocumentBeforeClose event, as I am implementing my own save functionality where the documents gets converted to a PDF and stored in...
  2. clntnco

    Question print queue event handler

    Could someone please point me in the right direction to capture a print queue event? I am trying to create a simple program to log prints. All I want to know is if the print command has been invoked so I can have a form popup and request the appropriate info.
  3. M

    Help in Visual Basic

    My friend and I are taking a visual basic online class. We are total beginners and are having trouble with a programming assignment. We have to create a arithmetic calculator with an enter button multiplication button and an addition button. What we can't seem to code properly is the event...
  4. T

    Runtime Event Handler Giving Trouble

    Hi, I am having a strang problem with button event handlers that I am creating at runtime. Actually if I set the form as startup form everything is working fine but when I set the main apllication form as startup form the events for buttons created at runtime are not firing. I am posting the...
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