error handling

  1. S

    Question Find Where Code Stops

    hi all, I have been working on a project for a few months now and recently i have been having a problem where the program just stops, windows doesn't report it as not responding and the resources used by the program are at normal levels (it isn't increasing). The program basically records data...
  2. R

    Error Handling with Code ported from VB6: Throw or return codes

    Hello, we are porting over 300.000 lines of code from VB6 into VB.NET. The application is a very complex bookkeeping program having much technical booking logic, developed over many year from different programmers using different programming styles. I am involved with writing the coding...
  3. tottino

    Handling errors

    guyz.. can i suggest that someone add a lessons about error handling in please cuz i'm really facing a huge problems with their handling