1. newbiecoder2012

    Question how to do increments in numbers

    im pretty much new to programing but i have made this program to output answers and i have that all sorted now i want it so that the answers are displayed in a table format in increments i have looked online an i havnt been able to find exactly what i want :uncomfortableness: for example: the...
  2. N

    Question Two Forms application is closing

    I have two forms and a button on the first form. What i want is when i click the button the second form to show and the first one to close. But this isn't working with: Form2.show() Me.close All the application is closing with the code above.
  3. S

    Question Multiple forms open and close

    Hello, I have two forms frmMain and frmNew, and one module modMain. In modMain I hold public variables which are needed for application. My question is how to open and close those two forms when needed? I ask this because if i set frmMain as startup form, then when closed, application will end...
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