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    Question Encoding / Decoding string from cyrilic to UTF-8

    Hi all, Please help me with this issue I face with. From a third-party software, I receive a string in an ASCII Textfile, which is originally cyrilic. I have been given this kind of string: 7dkg0NLFxMzBx8HFzSDawSDSwdrVzc7ZxSDDxc7ZOg I receive the information from the software that this is...
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    Question How do I convert an xml file (tags and all) to string?

    I am writing a program in vb 2010. I need to protect the xml file which contains price information. It doesn't need to be hard-core encrypted, so I want to convert either the values in the elements, or the entire xml to Base64, then decode at runtime into my variables so that no one can look at...
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    Video Editing

    Hola everyone! New to the forums here. I have a question regarding a job I recently was given lead on... Long story short, its a fairly large job at a very big scientific/medical company... involving quite a few different technologies... but the part I'm hung up on is creating a dynamically...