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    Question how do i disable mdi menu item when a form loads and enable it when it closes

    how do i disable the menu items on mdi parent form when i open a child form and enable them when i close the form. i am trying to enable only one form from opening at a time. i have used .showdialog on some forms and its working perfectly, but on this one i have a button that opens another form...
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    Question enabling gridview column at runtime

    Hi, I have a gridview with one of the columns disabled at design time and based on a specific role of the user I need to enable it in run time. so: If user_role = isfromthisgroup then gridview.col(4).enable end if How can this be achieved? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    how to disable the 50 textboxs in one line coding

    any one can have a clue to disable many textbox in one line coding
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