1. martinandrovich

    Question Dynamically edit embedded files/resources

    Hey guys, I'm having quite an itch here. My goal is to somehow edit an embedded file/resource (text) during run-time; or after, as long as it's attached to the same EXE. I need this for a project I'm working on, and the point is to have an EXE file that can be transferred (mail, USB etc.)...
  2. K

    "Locking" characters when the user edits a treeview node's text

    I have an application where I'm allowing the user to edit the text of a treeview node. Is it possible to "lock" portions of the node's text to keep it from being edited? For instance, if the text is "BK01" originally, can I keep the user from editing the "BK" prefix? I currently validate the...