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    Question How to read the xml attribute names dynamically from an xml content

    Hi I want to select the full path of each element tag in the xml content. I am not bothered now about the value in each attribute. eg. This is the output i need: root\details\firstname root\details\lastname root\details\age etc Is there anyway i can do so. Please help. Thanks in advance...
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    Event Handlers

    Hi, I have a panel control on a win form, to which I dynamically add a custom control. The custom control inherits UserControls and in the New() sub, I assign the control a GUID. When a control is added to the form, a variable of type List(Of T) holds the details of where i put the control and...
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    Binding Report Controls to Datasource dynamically

    Hi, I am trying to use Microsoft Reports in my Application. I have done this successfully using Report Wizard, but I want to do it dynamically now. I have created Dataset and BindingSource uptill now but I am unable to populate controls like textboxes on the Report4.rdlc with the data from the...