1. martinandrovich

    Question Dynamically edit embedded files/resources

    Hey guys, I'm having quite an itch here. My goal is to somehow edit an embedded file/resource (text) during run-time; or after, as long as it's attached to the same EXE. I need this for a project I'm working on, and the point is to have an EXE file that can be transferred (mail, USB etc.)...
  2. V

    Problem arranging/ accessing controls in TableLayoutPanel created dynamically

    Hi, I m a newbee in VB.NET and am trying to create a TableLayoutPanel with rows, columns, and controls associated with it being added dynamically. From the look of it everything appears fine as images and labels seem to show up on the area as I want. However, when I try accessing the controls...
  3. D

    Question Deleting Dynamically Populated Treeview Nodes using a loop

    I have a Treeview that is populated from a Sql Db. The Db table that holds the Treeview data has a column for 'id' and a column for 'parent'. The Treeview executes and populates flawlessly using a For Each loop. I want to offer Content Management for the Treeview which requires the user to be...
  4. D

    Question How to create a ControlArray instead of a non-working For-Function!?

    Hi everyone, first of all - I hope i posted in the right Forum. My Problem is, that I have some Buttons, Labels and TextBoxes I need to generate after the User told a number of Players. With the Code I'm using now only the last Player will have these Controls working, because they are moved -...
  5. J

    Question Dynamic Buttons

    Hello All, I am new to the group, and this seems like an appropriate place for my question. I am creating a windows console app, with .net 3.5. I would like to be able to dynamically display buttons based on user need. As this is for dynamic research the number of buttons need to change...not...
  6. J

    Question use a dynamic input box and button to call a function

    Hi, I have been trying to figure out a way to make this happen for a while but not having much luck with searches and trial and error. My goal is to create a message board where users can comment on a post without leaving the main page. I am basically creating all the html code to display the...
  7. lordbaddkitty

    Question Linq join on parameterized distinct key

    I'm trying to LINQ two tables based on a dynamic key. User can change key via a combo box. Key may be money, string, double, int, etc. Currently I'm getting the data just fine, but without filtering out the doubles. I can filter the double in VB, but it's slooooow. I'd like to do it in the LINQ...
  8. I

    Question Dynamic image load

    Hi All, I have a web page that accepts parameter and based on the parameter value it displays the image(Image is saved in project images folder with parametername.jpg) Now what i am doing is, i am reading that parameter from query string and assigning it to a hidden value. then on aspx page i...
  9. E

    Question Images / Datagrid

    Perhaps an easier question, What event triggers when I move from one record to the next using the bindingnavigator control? Good day to you all, I am trying to create an application that is similar to a Microsoft Access form in that it has text fields tied to the database, an image that...