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    Question dynamic controls in a form

    i have a form with many dynamic controls. i want to add an item to a listbox ( by the way, to find this listbox i'm using 'tag'. if someone have any other idea i'll be hope to hear but that's not the problem) in order to do so i use this code: For Each ctl As Control In Me.Controls...
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    Question Double Click Handler not working on dynamically created picturebox

    Hi Guys, I have a Winform application where i added picturebox's to a flowlayout panel dynamically from code. I have successfully managed to add a handler for doubleclick and click events the problem i have is that when i add both together it only seems to work with the click event and not the...
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    Question Toggling controls dynamically

    Hi, I'm trying to toggle between controls on a page dynamically. Depending on which button on the page is pushed, a certain control is loaded into the PlaceHolder control. It seems to load each control fine, but after initially loading the control, any data posted from that control is lost on...
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