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    Insert Value in a textbox using Json

    Hi Experts, How can i populate/Insert a value on my textbox. My scenario is when i select a value on my dropdownlist, pass this value on my json parameter and call the data from server side. after successfully calling the query get the desired zipcode and pass it on my textbox. Iam at lost on...
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    Populate Dropdown list

    I am trying to populate a dropdown list (year which is a FK in a budget table) The year has the following fields (Objectuid uniqueidentifier (PK), name varchar(30), IsActive,IsDeleted.......). The budget table has (Objectuid Uniqueidentifier (PK), yearID uniqueidentifier (FK), name, ......) The...
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    Question DropDownList - Dropped Down state.

    Hi, Is there a way to know if the 'dropped down' state or 'expanded' state of a dropdownlist ? any event which i can capture ? write a java script ? or can I capture an event when the user clicks on the dropdownlist ? any help will be appreciated, even if there is no straight answer...
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    Question How to populate dropdownlist in DataGridView

    Hi, I want to populate drop down list inside DataGridView. Consider this... I have give DataGridView to enter details... 1) Name 2) RollNo 3) City For Name and RollNo user will enter details, but for city i want user to select city from dropdownlist. Please guide me some suitable link or...