1. S

    Question Drag drop from vb.net app TO other windows apps

    Hi all... please can someone help me!! There is heaps of vb code out there about dragging from windows in to a vb app.. but pritty much nothing about going the other way!! Please can some one help me - all i want to do is drag a string out of my vb.net app to windows notepad, word, webbrowser...
  2. I

    Using a loop to populate a series of Drop down lists

    I have an aspx page with 5 DDLs on it, those DDLs are called for example DDL1 through to DDL5 and will all be bound to the same select statement (they are for 5 different contact fields) I would like to be able to populate the boxes, either all together on page load or one after another so that...
  3. S

    Question Drag and Drop to External Application

    I've implemented Drag and Drop in my application that works well within the application... I can Move, Copy & Link fine. But I've discovered an issue when I run the application on a different computer. I've implemented Drag and Drop within the same form, to other instances of the form and to...
  4. O

    Move custom controls

    Hi, I have a win form that has a panel control. I load a tiff file and set it as the panel controls background image, and the measure the images size so that I can set the sroll bar parameters. I the have button, which activate the drawing of a custom control, which issue the mousedown...
  5. Xster

    How to modify dragged data during drag?

    Hi, I'm currently having the problem that dropping an image file into an AxWebBrowser causes it to navigate to the file location instead of pasting the image in the document while in EditMode. So my thoughts are to swap the dragged data object when it DragEnters the form, before reaching the...