1. G

    Question PrintPage: DrawString from Function. How to create Graphics from Function?

    Hi! I'm using a PrintDocument to create a report and I need to create a line from a function. I'm doing this: Private Sub Crate_String(ByVal Str As String) Dim gr As Graphics gr.DrawString(str, Font, Brushes.Black, x, y) end sub But give error with the graphics object: It says to use the...
  2. Runescope

    Resolved Setting drawstring color from fontdialog

    Greetings! I have text that I am trying to print and while I can get the font that is displayed from the font dialog quite easily, when I try and grab the colour it won't let me do it as the color in e.Graphics.DrawString is set using a brush, and the font dialog returns a color. I'm...