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    Question How will be check the errors in

    I Have a problem in file but I can't able to find the error so tell me how it will be check
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    Question Programmatically resetting a form

    I have a form on my page that I want to reset after it is submitted. I am trying to use the JavaScript Form.reset(); method to do this, but it doesn't seem to be working. I would just resort to manually setting the value of each control, but this would not work because my page hase a FileUpload...
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    Restore Mysql database query is not working in ASP.NET, C#

    Dear Sir/Madam, we are using Mysql.exe to restore database by the following query string cmd ="-h" + ViewState["host"].ToString() + " " + "-u" + ViewState["user"].ToString() + " " + "-p" + ViewState["password"].ToString() + " " + ViewState["dbName"].ToString() + "<" + " " +...
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    Question Error when running MySql Script file in Dotnet installer

    Dear Sir/Madam, We are using NSIS to install an application. and we have a MySql Script file, which is using inside the installer class. This file is working with Mysql but not from the installer. This is giving a ERROR 42000 syntax error. Any help will be appreciated Santhosha H P
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    Data Dynamics Analysis 1.0 Released

    Data Dynamics, Ltd. recently announced the release of Data Dynamics Analysis. This tool is the first interactive graphical analysis component of it's kind for Windows Forms and ASP.NET applications. Data Dynamics Analysis is aimed towards business executives and .NET developers alike. Users are...