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    Question how to set domain name in web server (windows 2003)

    hello, i have a web server with windows 2003, where iis and intalled. my application is running in localhost after published. how can i set my domain name in my server. thank you .
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    Question Saving domain name in database

    Hi All, I have an application that Insert, Update and delete some rows in a table of SQL database wchich is to be used by certain specific users within the network(it uses windows authentication to restrict other users). The table has a column with update login whose default value is SQL login...
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    Domain Name Availability

    I want to have the functionality to search for a domain name, and have it return whether it's available or not, similar to Complete Web Solutions: domains, hosting, site builders and SSL. or Domain Names, Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting | Network Solutions, etc. Do they pay a fee to...