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    Question How do I select a particular file extension through radio buttons by DirectoryInfo?

    Hi All, I am new to programming. I wrote this simple code but it seemed not working at run time. I mean not selecting particular file extensions when I am selecting the particular radio buttons. By default each radio button is set to false on Checked property. Also there is no syntax error...
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    Question file name too long

    Hello everyone I am reading filenames and some details recursively, starting from a user selected folder. Dim Path As New DirectoryInfo(NewPath) Dim File As FileInfo ' Get details for each file For Each File In Path.GetFiles ... Next I tried scanning an entire drive to test the code and...
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    Question Counting Parent Directories in the DirectoryInfo Class

    Does anyone know if it's possible to iterate through every parent of a specified subdirectory until you reach the directory's root so that I can count the number of parents? I'm new to System.IO, but I have'nt seen any included counting functions.